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Comprehensive Guide to Data Visualization in R

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Simple visually-weighted regression plots

Plotting coxcomb (or Nightingale rose) plots in R Nightingale, Python, Infographics,


Pygal, like Plotly and Bokeh, offers interactive plots that can be embedded in a web browser. The ability to output charts as SVGs, ...

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Horizon Plots with plot.

beginners guide to learn data visualization in R

Source: Growth rates of Algae by u/krawwl (R and ggplot2).

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1. What is R?

ggplot2 nuage de points: Guide de démarrage rapide - Logiciel R et visualisation de données

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R vs Python - Pros & Cons Infographic Credit: DataCamp

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Data visualization tools in Python Roman Merkulov Data Scientist at InData Labs r_merkulov@indatalabs.

Python with Jupyter Notebook

For decades, researchers and developers have been debating whether Python or R is a better language for data science and analytics. Data science has rapidly ...

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... color theme(plot.background=element_rect(fill="grey"),+ panel.background=element_rect(fill='black'), + legend.background= element_rect(fill="black", ...

Skills Needed to Become a Data Scientist



In "Infographics". Cheatsheet - Python & R codes for common Machine Learning Algorithms

Of course this version is not the best.. there are for sure a lot of potentials to develop here. The tool makes me to think in a different way.

Bring your team's data visualization skills to a new level with Dash or Python workshops.

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Even some previous mentioned visualizations, including John Snow's epidemic map and Minard's Napoleon's 1812 March both utilizes layering technique to add ...

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Data Visualization in Health Psychology

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I have previously written about using Power Query for creating calendar tables, However, some people still love to do that in DAX.

the guardian 10 years of iraq war


More minor, but still enough to guide our implementations, the plots that superimpose multiple bootstrapped estimates, while they are likely ok to visualize ...

Analysis of texts from a long distance relationship [OC] : dataisbeautiful

Dataviz tutorial: Mapping San Francisco home prices using R

There was a time when choosing a programming language for data analysis had essentially no choice at all. The tools were few and they were usually developed ...

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... how to create a sunburst chart in bi office youtube template maxresde excel 2013 example 960 ...

Similarly, it is fairly easy to plot multiple layers. Of course there are all sorts of wacky things you can do to visualize GIS objects, but this is pretty ...

Here is the example of the plot from Solomon that also has a similar problem with discrete bins. The colors portray uncertainty, but it is plain to see the ...

Summer is quickly approaching (even here in Montréal!), and the 2015-2016 school year is on the horizon. We're collecting feedback to help make Plotly into ...

In this section see 11 plots with matplotlib and seaborn that is listed in the following picture:

Capture1.jpg659.62 ...

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Click through again and see a spreadsheet with the data. The superposed dot plot shown in the post (and below) uses code similar to that of Cleveland's ...

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Various quantiles are depicted by X axis. The red central line denotes the estimates of OLS coefficients and the dotted red lines are the confidence ...

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“Discourse Network Analysis: Undertaking Literature Reviews in R” is locked Discourse Network Analysis

Many-to-One or Many-to-Many? The Cardinality of Power

Social sensors on Twitter for conversations and trends in modern arts

Here I wish to display some examples of visually weighted regression diagnostics in SPSS, along with some discussion about the goals and relationship to the ...

You can also have more than one icon, although it's up to you to keep them a sensible height:width ratio or 'aspect' to avoid distorting impressions.

From an interview with Charles Nix, type designer at Monotype:

R Visuals in Power BI - Dual Y-Axis Line Chart

data science and statistical visualizations - R vs Python for AI and ML



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Graphing the metadata of messages from a long distance relationship [OC] : dataisbeautiful

... Large size of free sunburst powerpoint presentation diagrams chart python ff0081 01 circular diagram for 1 ...

Bokeh 1.1 is released, closing more than 50 layout-related issues, and adding some other nice new features! 1-0 …


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Telling gyroscope

One of my favorite aspects of DataExplorer is the comprehensive report we can generate using just one line of code:



ggplot2 texts : Add text annotations to a graph in R software - Easy Guides -

US Map Infographics Design Vector Template Illustration Template - Cool Graph Over Map Of Us

Uploading data to ggplot2

Data Visualisation with R Training

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The reason curved lines look nicer is not entirely aesthetic, it has functional values for displacing overlapping lines and (related) making in-bound edges ...