The Play sits in our efficiency range of radiators but it is more than


The Play sits in our efficiency range of radiators, but it is more than just

For technicians and aesthetes. DemirDöküm radiators fulfil the ...

Designer Radiators More Than Just Design

Play White (Cat. 1 Finish)

0 - 2000 BTU

Play Girl (Cat. 2 Finish)

Your house will either use a plumbed hot water central heating system, or electric radiators.

Play Black (Cat. 2 Finish)

Hive Active Heating 2 - yearly temp graph. The connection is robust and ...

Play Boy (Cat. 2 Finish)

White Horizontal Designer Radiator. Replace your old convector radiator with something a little more sleek and modern

How to cut your loft extension costs with Rointe. View Larger Image

KYROS 330 3 elements radiator radiador

Our electric cast iron radiators come with a simple thermostat as pictured but can then be upgraded to allow more controllability.

Paly Piano (Cat 2. Finish)

A radiator cabinet can safely and stylishly disguise your radiators.

Dry your towels and add some extra warmth into your bathroom with a towel radiator, keeping you snug and cosy can be easy and stylish.

a four piece picture of coloured radiators.

BTU Calculator

best portable heaters

D Series – 9 elements electric radiator (RAL colour)

Radflek Radiator Reflectors (5 Sheets, Fits 5-10 Radiators): DIY & Tools

... than with a designer radiator? Nordicllar sitting room

Hive Active Heating 2 – Peformance

“Now, wait a minute, isn't this article about water cooling, why am I reading your life story dude?” Don't worry, we will get down to this right away, ...

Italian Metacrylic radiators from Caleido feature an efficient steel panel overlaid in a range of striking acrylic designs. Available in a range of BTU/watt ...

Bord Gais are currently rolling out the Hive app for remotely controlling your home heating.

Storage temperature and relative humidity ranges recommended in various technical sources are presented in Table 3.


Image: Netatmo netatmo-valve-fitted.jpg

Radflek Radiator Reflectors (5 Sheets, Fits 5-10 Radiators): DIY & Tools

From there, it is heated before being pushed out to your taps, radiators or shower. Systems with gravity-fed hot water cylinders are also known as ...

Designer radiators can bring a range of benefits to your home – from space-saving technologies to dual purpose products that can act as mirrors, ...

Controlling Steam RadiatorsControlling Steam Radiators

Bathroom electric radiators

Nest vs Hive vs Tado: which is the best smart thermostat?

Hive Active Heating 2 - daily temp graph

Nissan LEAF average range as a function temperature. Data from Fleet Carma via “Effects

Warmlite WL43009 Portable Electric Oil Free Mica Radiator, Adjustable Thermostat, Overheat Protection, 2 Heat Settings 1000-1500 W, Black


Stripped down in the bathroom, many of us like a shroud of heat, even in mid-summer, and this is where the dual-fuel radiator can be well worth a little ...

A ubiquitous question is which size dimension has more impact on the loop performance, i.e., whether a slim but long radiator will outperform a thick but ...

Having your heating at the right temperature will not only keep you cosy, but can also cut your energy bills. Use our expert tips to stay warm and save ...

C&R Aluminum Mustang Radiator

VonHaus portable heater

Hive Active Heating 2 - hero

kitchen b and a

Energywise Ireland, renewable energy

You don't have to be limited by the size and style of radiator that you're replacing, there are loads of options to choose from, which will fit with your ...

For space heating, the test assumes a good radiator setup that operates at 70/40°C, but there was quite a variation between HIUs, all developing ...

Aquarea Air radiators working with water at 35°C, allowing 32% more efficiency on the heating system as standard low temperature radiators.

KYROS – 11 elements conservatory electric radiator (white)

Energywise Ireland, renewable energy

... my model more than once and it's survived unscathed. Hive Active Heating 2 - thermostat

Leaking AntiFreeze But Not Overheating


It is pretty hard to eyeball the required tube length, especially when you have little experience, so do not count on your intuition: measure all the ...

Hallway radiator


Tesla Model S 70D highway (65mph) range as a function temperature. Because of

... but in essence, they all take cold water directly from the mains supply and heat it when it's needed, removing the need for any cylinders or water ...

The return temperature is the key indicator of heat network efficiency. A low return temperature results in a larger delta T, which means lower flow rates ...

The radiators are similar in design; however, the US Radiator is a high-efficiency radiator (20 percent more heat transfer points over original equipment) ...

Electric radiators in a living room

BTU Calculator

D Series – 15 elements electric radiator (white)

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In chemical rockets, the chemicals are both propellant and fuel. In nuclear rockets the liquid hydrogen is the propellant and the uranium is the fuel.

Price when reviewed



Air source heat pumps 02

Everything is smarter these days, but the thermostat market has really benefited from the upgrade. Being able to program your thermostat to turn or off at ...

Slim electric radiator

Car radiator fan

Read radiator specs on a manufacturer's website, measure your chassis, Google for other folks' build logs and so ...

aluminum radiator

D Series – 3 elements electric radiator (graphite)

thermostat controlled by phone

Hive Active Heating 2 - Actions

Diagram 2: The output measured at the passive radiator. Note the fundamental resonance around

Windsor close up in the dreambound 1974 kitchen

Honeywell evohome

FIBARO Radiator Thermostat

Aphrodite Vertical Designer Radiator


Electric radiator in hallway

Corsair One i160 Review: The Compact Performance PC, Refined